Triathlon Man!

21 March 2023

2 Sisters Recruitment and Retention Manager, Leon Zukovskij, will be lacing up his running shoes and taking part in some of the most challenging endurance events in his sporting history to raise money for the local community.  

These include: 

  • Manchester Marathon – 42.2km run on the 16th of April  
  • Outlaw Half Nottingham triathlon - 1.9km swim followed by 90km bike and finishing with 21.1km run on the 21st of May
  • Outlaw Nottingham full iron distance triathlon - 3.8km swim followed by 180km bike and finishing with 42.2km run on the 30th of July 

Leon hopes to raise £1,500 for three schools across Sandycroft and the West Midlands, to recognise that as the cost-of-living crisis continues, families are finding it harder to afford school meals, uniforms and PE Kits, and wants to be able to provide support for those that need it the most. 

Leon said: “I was inspired by our colleagues over the years who have supported various organisations and schools in their local communities. I have a young family and we want to raise money for those who are affected by the cost-of-living crisis. I have always loved running and taking part in triathlons so I thought I would put the two together to make sure we, as a family, can raise as much money as possible.  

My older son Alex has already chosen which toys he would like to donate alongside the money we raise from the challenges. He said: “Daddy, if you can do this for the children then I want to donate the toys I don’t use anymore!” 

If you would like to support Leon please click on his Justgving page.

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