An Artist’s impression at the factory

22 February 2021

Talented 2 Sisters worker Slawomir Zientalski created an art exhibition at our Sandycroft site celebrating our multi-cultural colleagues from all over the world.

Slawomir, a hygiene operative, who has a Master’s in Fine Art from his native country of Poland, drew 16 portraits of his key worker colleagues and friends at the factory throughout last year.

Having been in the UK and working at the Sandycroft site for six years, Slawomir has observed the cultural and lifestyle differences of his colleagues. He wanted his portraits, which he drew from photographs, to reflect these differences.

Back in December, Slawomir launched his art exhibition at the site where site director Stuart Dean presented him with a ‘Recognition award’ for his exceptional contribution to culture and engagement.

At the launch, Slawomir gave a poignant account of his reasons behind the exhibition. Slawomir said: "I wanted to show respect to my colleagues on the production lines who have come from all over the world. With their hard work they are helping each other during the pandemic."

Amy Wilkinson, HR manager, said: "We are very proud that we were able to host such a special event on site."

The exhibition was open to all Sandycroft colleagues for a month.

Slawomir’s next art project is an exhibition which he would like to show in Chester, this would include his portraits, landscape drawings of Croatia, one of his favourite places to visit, and his cityscapes of Chester. 

Slawomir’s talents don’t end at portraiture. He is currently creating a children’s story book for his two young grandchildren, ‘The last lighthouse men of Talacre’ – the adventures of a lighthouse keeper who had been an aviator in WW1. The stories feature key lessons about problems such as loneliness, jealousy and worry.  

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