How Poultry can get smart and overcome its ‘massive’ sector challenges

10 May 2022

2 Sisters Food Group’s Agriculture Director Nick Davies is speaking at Pig & Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire on May 10 & 11

      Nick will outline challenges and opportunities in the Poultry Industry forum session at the event

      Nick’s blueprint for success at agri level will be the implementation of his three Ps strategy: Planet; Process & People


2 Sisters Food Group’s Agriculture Director Nick Davies has been invited to outline his vision for the poultry sector to enable it to overcome the current ‘massive’ external challenges.


Nick will be one of the keynote speakers at The Pig and Poultry fair, held at the Stoneleigh Agricultural Centre in Warwickshire, on May 10th and 11th, which gathers together the movers and shakers in the sector for discussion forums, as well as showcasing equipment and the latest technology the farming industry has to offer.


With the spotlight on the event greater than ever given the national conversations around the price of chicken and eggs, Nick will be using the event to give his own take on how the sector should move forward.


Nick said: “I’m very grateful to be given an opportunity to speak this year. It’s a critical time for the industry given the massive external challenges we face, and I’ll be setting out where I think we need to go in the future to bring about sustained success for our sector.”


Nick will highlight three broad areas which he believes need focus on to ensure a sustainable future – environmental commitments; process innovations and retaining and training the best people to drive the poultry sector forward.


Nick added: If the sector can get its commitment to people, process and planet right, then we stand a very good chance of getting through the toughest environment I’ve ever seen in my career. We’ve all seen poor crop years, inflation, even labour availability being squeezed at certain times of the year. But never everything, all at the same time, and many degrees worse than we’ve seen before.


“We can produce a sustainable product, at a fair price for the consumer and the farmer, that’s fair on the planet if we embrace new technology, data analysis that ultimately gives us happier, healthier birds and new ways of thinking about things like feed the sorts of breeds we use.”


Nick highlighted his own business’ trial innovations such as CCTV flock monitoring, new feed and breed trials which in time should take the sector to the next level of progress.


Nick added: “I’m sure there will be a big audience this year and I’m really looking forward to putting our case and also listening to the views, opinions and concerns of the wider industry too.”

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