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Soya in Animal Feed

Sustainable Sourcing of Animal Feed

The Boparan Group are committed to understanding and reducing our impact on the environment and will act to continuously improve the sustainability of the ingredients we source for food products and animal feeds.

Soya is one of the world’s most important sources of protein and our main use for soya is as a component of animal feed. We are committed to ensuring that the soya we use is cultivated in a sustainable manner. 2 Sisters are signatories of the UK Soy Manifesto established in 2021, along with 27 other major UK businesses. We support the prevention of deforestation, protection of water habitats, ensuring labour rights and land title, preventing development of inappropriate landscapes and are committed to supporting the Soy Moratorium and Brazilian Forest Code through our sourcing.

Through our Dutch poultry operations, the business has been a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soya (RTRS) from early inception. In line with our Environmental Policy and Sustainability Plan commitments for increasing responsible sourcing, the producers for UK and EU poultry should work with their feed suppliers to ensure that the soya used in poultry feed has been produced in line with the FEMAS Module for Responsible Procurement of Agricultural and Natural Products and the supporting FEMAS Responsible Procurement Brazilian Soya Schedule or equivalent standards, including CRS, Pro Terra and RTRS.

Equivalent standards must ensure protection of the biome, water, labour standards. Legal compliance and responsible farming methods and prevent further deforestation. We are committed to continuing this sourcing policy in future.

The Boparan Group also commits to investigate the use of replacement protein sources to soya and consider increasing their use in our feed wherever viable.

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