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Updated July 2021

At 2 Sisters we know our expertise is in processing so we work with experts in other fields to ensure that our supply chain is as effective and efficient as possible. This allows us to produce the highest quality chicken for our customers on either contracted or company owned farms.

They all produce the best quality meat, to the highest standards for our customers and consumers.

We have a Group Agriculture team, as well as a network of area farm managers and field staff who maintain day to day contact with the farmers.

They cover a wide range of production systems ranging from farm assured, through to free range, RSPCA Assured, BCC, corn fed and organic.

All elements of the supply chain have to adhere to our strict protocols together with customer specifications and codes of practice. They are independently and regularly audited.

Food safety standards and HACCP principles apply across the agriculture operation and consumers can be assured of the provenance and traceability of our chicken.

We continuously improve standards of production and we are currently working to develop a measure of natural behaviour in poultry and provide better environmental enrichment for our chickens. We also aim to significantly reduce our requirement for antibiotics.