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Life 'MOT' rolled out for colleagues


Colleagues at 2 Sisters Food Group will soon have the chance to take a personal ‘life MOT’ at their place of work.

Sites that supply M&S and the 2 Sisters support function offices in Birmingham and Wakefield, will be taking part in a M&S’ Wellbeing Week which begins on Monday 16th March.

Each site will focus on different topic areas such as ‘mental health & mindfulness’, ‘physical health & fitness’ and ‘savings, pensions & financial management’.  

Guest experts in these topics will share their knowledge and provide helpful advice in site canteens and breakout areas.

Tracey Sanderson, lead occupational health advisor at 2 Sisters, who is helping to organise the event said: “Wellbeing Week is a great opportunity to work with M&S on promoting health and wellbeing at our sites.

“Last year we had some fantastic events running at sites and visits from a variety of organisations such as local gyms and Citizens Advice Bureau. This year we have even more sites taking part which is great, as it helps to get health information and advice to more of our colleagues.”